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Trace Route

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

The other week I was working on a customer’s financial application that utilizes a third party service for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). They reached out because one of their remote offices of about 1000 employees were trying access a web page to enter their MFA token. The end users were experience issues trying to access the page and it would not finish loading. When it did load for some users it was taking about 10 minutes to complete. Users from home and other offices were able to access to page just fine. So we determined that it wasn’t the MFA service or the infrastructure hosting the application. We also found that they users who weren’t able to access the MFA site were accessing other websites just fine. After several engineers troubleshooting the problem and over several hours we came to the conclusion that one of the hops within the path to the MFA site was reporting high latency. This prevented the page for loading correctly. We contacted the internet provider and started a ticket.

With wirespeeds visual trace route we are able to probe the desired endpoints (i.e. a third party MFA site) and trace each hops across the WAN or Internet and measure each hop along the way. If a desired endpoint is experiencing any latency or seeing any signs of abnormalities we are a pinpoint the exact issue withing seconds. With wirespeeds advance alerting we will process the same test from several other locations to perform validation on the issue, so the alert has been verified before it alerts you.

About wirespeeds:

wirespeeds provides end-to-end visibility into network performance from the end-user perspective. For over 30 years the founders have been troubleshooting technology problems and providing solutions to customers across the private and public sectors. In 2020 they took their industry knowledge along with cutting edge IoT and SaaS based technologies and began building a solution that could scale to thousands of endpoints across desperate geographies and technology siloes. Our goal is to provide customers the peace of mind that comes with a stable and reliable network.

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